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Yoga: Which style is for you?

17th April 2020

As part of our ongoing advice to our residents to keep healthy and well during this difficult time,…
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Let's keep it moving!

7th April 2020

Everyone knows how life is for students – study, sleep, party, eat and repeat. But now that’s all…
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Why every student should use aromatherapy – destressing with essential oils

8th November 2019

We take a look at aromatherapy for stress and how this can help students to relax and ensure their…
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How To Balance Your Social And Uni Life

16th August 2019

When you arrive at university, it can be an overwhelming experience. With so much on offer; from exciting…
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Student Health Benefits of Living By The Sea

9th August 2019

The UK’s south coast is a haven of beautiful locations, attracting millions of visitors every year to enjoy…
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Lovely parks around Edinburgh

31st May 2019

The outstanding quality of life in Edinburgh has long been one of the key reasons that so many…
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Helping your child deal with anxiety at university

19th April 2019

It is a well-documented fact that students are under more and more pressure to succeed and this can bring with…
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Students: Where To Get Help For Your Mental Health

9th November 2018

There can be little debate about it, university can be a challenging time. Being away from home for…
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How to balance social life with student life

14th September 2018

Perhaps the biggest challenge for any student heading to university for the first time, is finding the perfect…
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How to look after your mental health in your first year at University

31st August 2018

Looking after yourself at university is a crucial aspect of ensuring that your time away studying is as…
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Looking After Your Mental Health at University

2nd March 2018

Brunch. It’s the quintessential student meal. With breakfast off the agenda after a late night on campus or…
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