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Rainbow bank Card

What is a student bank account and do you need one?

26th July 2023

Prepping for student life and want to find out more about student bank accounts? We’ve got you covered,…
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students sitting on steps

A Guide to the University of Bristol SU

25th June 2023

Everything Bristol students need to know about the events, opportunities, societies and services they can find at the…
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The 6 Best Gyms in Cambridge

23rd June 2023

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The 6 Best Gyms in Sheffield

2nd June 2023

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person stacking coins

How is student finance paid back?

31st May 2023

Thinking about student finance but not sure where to start? It can be a tricky topic to understand,…
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3d design on computer screen

How to Get Autodesk Free for Students (Autocad, Maya, Fusion, Revit, Inventor)

27th April 2023

A present to our students – a step-by-step guide on how to get Autodesk and its applications for…
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man weightlifting

The 8 Best Gyms in Southampton

24th April 2023

Want to make sure you stay when living in Southampton? Check out our guide to the best gyms…
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norwich cityscape

Norwich Open Days

24th April 2023

The pride of the east of England! Norwich is a bustling city in East Anglia that delivers culture-rich…
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women eating pizza with friends

6 best pizzas in Coventry

24th April 2023

One of the best things about moving to a new city? Trying all the restaurants and eateries to…
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laptop with document

How to Get Microsoft Office 365 Free for Students

28th February 2023

Did you know Microsoft office 365 for students is free? Read our blog to find out how you…
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Blonde woman in gym gear working out

The 10 Best Gyms in Leicester

28th February 2023

No need to worry about looking for a new gym in Leicester. Our ultimate guide to the best…
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Bridge in Newcastle

Newcastle Open Days 2023

28th February 2023

Newcastle is well known for being one of the most iconic cities in Britain. Lively and diverse, its…
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