National Code Assured Accommodation

All Collegiate student accommodation in the UK is covered by the ANUK / National Code for accommodation owned or managed by non educational establishments.

Benefits for students

The most obvious reason for choosing to live in a development covered by one of the ANUK/Unipol National Codes is that they provide reassurance: Reassurance that the accommodation is safe and well managed; and reassurance that, should any problems arise, there exists a mechanism to help get them resolved.

Compliance with benchmark standards

Members of the Codes voluntarily agree to comply with benchmark standards that relate to both the physical condition of a building as well as its day to day management. This means that, amongst other things, students living within a building covered by the Codes can expect:

  • Buildings that meet or exceed the local authorities fire safety requirements
  • Sufficient bathroom and kitchen facilities
  • All repairs to be completed within agreed timescales
  • Advanced notification if managers need to access rooms and/or flats to undertake routine inspections or planned maintenance
  • Managers of buildings to act in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
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