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E-Viewings Now Available

14th May 2020

Booking your accommodation without physically viewing it can be daunting at times,
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The 7 best apps for university students

27th December 2019

The life of a student can be tough, but luckily technology is here to help. Check out our…
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The best part time jobs for students

20th December 2019

A part time job is a great way to earn a little bit more cash, as well as…
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The revision guide

14th November 2019

It’s a fact. Revision matters. Just do not believe anyone who brags about how little revision they did…
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What to do during your university Easter break

15th April 2019

Whilst the thought of long lie ins and delicious home cooked food might sound like heaven, it is…
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What’s Different Between Your First and Final Year at University?

16th November 2018

The difference between your first and final year at university can be pretty resounding. From a shy and…
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A guide to living and studying in Cardiff

2nd November 2018

If you have recently started studying in Cardiff or are perhaps looking at the location as your potential…
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7 tips for succeeding at your final year of university

12th October 2018

As you will no doubt be well aware if you are heading into your final year of university,…
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8 reasons to study in Bournemouth

5th October 2018

As the spiritual home of writers such as Mary Shelley and the seaside retreat of The Beatles when…
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How to balance social life with student life

14th September 2018

Perhaps the biggest challenge for any student heading to university for the first time, is finding the perfect…
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5 Top Tips for a Successful First Year at University

17th August 2018

Preparing for university is an incredibly exciting time, especially if this is the first time you have been…
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10 Steps To A Stress Free Dissertation

8th June 2018

For the vast majority of students around the country, the infamous dissertation essay is the most feared part…
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