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Club night with lasers

The 5 Best Student Nights in Coventry

24th September 2021

Looking for a good night out? Don’t miss our handy guide to only the best student nights and…
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Surviving Freshers Week – A Simple Guide

22nd September 2021

September came round quickly, didn’t it?! For university students up and down the UK this means that freshers…
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Newcastle Freshers Week 2021

20th September 2021

Everything you need to know about events, activities and the best things to do in the city during…
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Sheffield Freshers Week 2021

15th September 2021

Discover the best events and activities happening in the city during Freshers Week in Sheffield in our ultimate…
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Nottingham Freshers Week 2021

13th September 2021

Find out more about the best events and activities happening in the city during Freshers Week in Nottingham…
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6 Best Student Nights in Nottingham

10th September 2021

There’s no need for the party to stop with Collegiate’s recommendations for 6 of the best student nights…
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5 Best Fish and Chips in Exeter

8th September 2021

Check out our blog post for Collegiate’s five best places for fish and chips for students in Exeter…
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The best student nights in Sheffield

6th September 2021

Looking for the best student nights out in Sheffield? Look no further than these top tips – you…
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The year ahead - "what to look forward to in student life"

3rd September 2021

You should be getting back to doing what students do best, what can students look forward to in…
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Southampton City Page

Southampton Freshers Week

1st September 2021

To help you kick-start your university experience we have put together a helpful guide for Freshers Week in…
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5 Best pizza places in London 

30th August 2021

Your quick guide to the best pizza places in and around London for the cheesiest, tastiest, and more…
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6 Student nights in Newcastle

27th August 2021

Looking for a student night out for every day of the week while you’re in Newcastle? Challenge accepted!…
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