1. What's Included

What's included in the 'inclusive rate'?

  • All utilities – electric, gas and water – are included in the rent on a ‘fair usage allowance’ with hot water available 24-hours per day.
  • Heaters are controlled individually by the tenants in their rooms.
  • High-speed internet and Wi-Fi throughout the building, including bedrooms and ethernet cable connection in bedrooms
  • Council Tax – students are exempt from paying council tax, however some councils may charge tenants out of term time, therefore the tenant is liable for any council tax charges that may be incurred.
  • Contents insurance is provided through Endsleigh insurance to cover your belongings for up to £10,000. See insurance certificate here.
    If you are a current tenant with Collegiate, you can check your cover here.

  • Collegiate Student Assistance App – If you are feeling low, stressed or anxious over anything you can get access to a qualified counsellor! Also there are great proactive mindfulness techniques & activities, you can track your mood, wellbeing & fitness!
  • Collegiate Student Experience Programme – Events, activities & well-being initiatives to get you involved from your first day!
  • Exclusive access to all social spaces in your accommodation.

What is provided in my room?

Please see your accommodation’s rooms & rents table for what is included in each room type.

Is there a TV?

A flat-screen TV with 40 channels is provided in most of our apartments and studios. Please check with the management team at your accommodation what is provided.

If you’ve brought your own TV, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a TV aerial point in your bedroom, but please note, you are responsible for providing your own TV licence (www.tvlicensing.co.uk).

Do I have to pay for a TV License?

You will be responsible for providing a TV licence should you use a TV in your room/apartment. (www.tvlicensing.co.uk).

Will I have internet in my room?

Broadband and Wi-Fi is available throughout the building, 24-hours a day.

How do I access the internet?

Wi-Fi is available throughout the accommodation. Wired connections are available via an Ethernet cable, and connected to the wall socket in your room – simply open your web browser and follow the instructions. Upgrade options are also available. Internet is provided by third party companies and they have a 24-hour support line should you need it; details will be given out with the welcome pack.

Are kitchen essentials, bedding and towels included in my room?

As a Collegiate resident you will need to provide your own bedding, kitchen equipment, towels etc. But, we know that being a student means there’s a lot going on and a lot to organise. This is doubly true if you’re coming from overseas. So you can buy these items from Collegiate to make settling into your home a little easier.

You can choose one of our collections that cater for your exact requirement, from The Kitchen Collection which contains all the kitchen essentials through to The Luxury Collection which was curated for the ultimate in superior living.

You don’t even have to worry about unpacking it all. We will have it all made up and ready for your arrival so you can enjoy the Collegiate way of living from the moment you walk through your door.

Will my room be cleaned?

Room cleaning is generally not included in your rent (although some of our residences offer room cleaning as part of the rental package), so you will be responsible for cleaning your room. If you’re not a fan of doing the cleaning yourself, we offer a range of room cleaning services. You can choose from weekly, monthly, ad hoc and end-of-tenancy cleans.

Are the fitness suites and other social spaces free to use?

Many of our student accommodation properties have their own on-site fitness suites, as well as a whole host of additional social spaces. Access to these areas is free for residents whenever you like.

2. Room Booking

How do I book a room?

The Collegiate room booking process is simple:

  1. Visit myaccount.collegiate-ac.com to login or create an account
  2. Book your room by selecting your property and room type, provide additional info and pay your Reservation Rent (in England & Wales)/Reservation Fee (in Scotland) of £100
  3. You will receive an Offer of Accommodation within 7 days of booking. Once you’ve received your Offer of Accommodation you have 10 days to fully secure your accommodation
  4. Complete your booking:
    1. Select a payment option (in full or in instalments)
    2. Specify an emergency contact
    3. Electronically sign your tenancy agreement
  5. Your booking is complete

3. Rent Payments

What do I have to pay and when?

There are two payment options available at Collegiate – full payment or by instalment.

In order to pay rent in three instalments, you will need to provide evidence of a UK-based guarantor, such as a family member or friend. The first rent instalment must be paid 10 days prior to your tenancy start date. Your second rent payment will be due in January, and your third and final rent instalment will be due in May.

If you are unable to provide a UK-based guarantor, your rent payment will need to be made a year in advance, in full, 10 days prior to your tenancy start date.

Please log in to your account for a downloadable rent schedule and dates.

I am paying my rent in instalments, when are my payments due?

For those students paying in instalments, the rent payment dates are:

1st instalment – 10 days prior to your tenancy start date
2nd instalment – the following January
3rd instalment – the following May
These can also be found on your tenancy agreement.

Please note that we don’t accept cash.

Remember: if you have chosen to pay by repeat card transaction, please ensure that you have sufficient funds available in your account at least one working day prior to the rent due date.

I am paying my rent in full, when is my payment due?

If you are unable to provide a guarantor in the country of your accommodation, your rent payment will need to be made in advance, in full, 10 days prior to your tenancy start date.

Who can be a qualified UK Guarantor?

  • A resident of the United Kingdom being Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. A resident needs to be someone who resides within the UK and is recognised as a resident for tax purposes with HMRC.
  • The guarantor must have a fixed address – Proof of address, in the form of a utility bill (less than 3 months old), and photo ID is required.
  • The guarantor must be able to enter their National Insurance number when completing the booking.

I don't have a guarantor, can I still live in Collegiate accommodation?

Of course! If you are unable to provide a guarantor in the country of your accommodation, your rent payment will need to be made a year in advance, in full, 10 days prior to tenancy start dates.

What happens if I fall behind on my rent payments?

Your contract with us is legally binding so please make sure you’re clear on its terms and conditions. Here’s an overview of some of the key facts:

  • You are bound to the full contract period – if you leave before the contract ends you will not receive a reduction in rent.
  • You must pay your accommodation fees on the due dates stated on your contract – outstanding debts will eventually be passed on to an external debt collecting agency. Once your debt has been passed on to the agency, you will be liable for all legal charges.

4. Moving In?

When can I move in?

Your accommodation will have a dedicated Move In weekend which coincides with the start of your tenancy. Details of this will be communicated closer to the time.

Don’t worry if you are not able to move in on the dedicated Move In weekend, you can still pick up your keys during office hours outside of this. Please just contact the helpful on-site accommodation team to let them know when to expect you and to ensure moving in is a hassle-free experience for you.

What documents do I need to check in?

Please ensure that, before you move in, you have…

  • Paid your deposit
  • Signed your tenancy agreement
  • Paid your first rental instalment (or full rent if applicable). Please be aware, no keys will be issues to you if rent has not been paid.
  • Provided 1x photo ID and 1x proof of address for yourself (and your guarantor if applicable)
  • Provided 1x proof of Visa if required
  • Provided 2x passport photos and 1x proof of student status

What do I have to bring?

As a Collegiate resident you will need to provide your own bedding, kitchen equipment, towels etc.

If you have specific questions about what to bring, such as sizes for bedding, or whether to bring induction or standard pots and pans, please contact your on-site accommodation team.

5. Collegiate Community

This will be my first time living in this new country and I'm nervous as I don't know anybody...

Communal student living is all part of the university experience. But at Collegiate we think we’ve arranged things to ensure that you have a great environment, friendly people and a real sense of community. We want you to enjoy the now and look back with fondness when the time comes to move on.

To help make sure you have the best of times, our accommodation team will arrange events throughout the academic year to help you get to know your flatmates while having a good time – and even learning something new and different from your studies.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for your student residence and on-site notice boards for up-coming events.

I would like to be situated close to my friends in the same apartment block - is this possible?

Absolutely! Please let us have details at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate friends and students from the same university together.

What kind of students will be living in Collegiate accommodation?

A wide range of students live in Collegiate student accommodation, including undergraduates, postgraduate students and international students.

Are there monthly events or activities planned for residents?

To help make sure you have the best of times during your time with Collegiate, our accommodation team will arrange events throughout the academic year. These events are created for our residents to get to know each other and to help bring learning and networking opportunities to you – so you can learn something new and different from your studies.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for your student residence, speak to the on-site accommodation team or check out the on-site notice boards for up-coming events.

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