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International students vaccine

International students are now eligible for vaccination in the UK

5th July 2021

International students are now eligible for vaccination in the UK
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watching the afternoon sun outside the plane

Travel Restrictions for International Students

1st July 2021

If you’re travelling to the UK soon, what you need to do depends on where you have been…
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student seminar

List of UK University Scholarships for International Students

21st June 2021

Getting an undergraduate or postgraduate scholarship in the UK can be a great opportunity if you are an…
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group with laptops

How to apply for a post study work visa UK

9th April 2021

You’ve made happy memories in your student residence, and now you’ve finished your studies – what next?
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Visa Travelling

How to apply for a UK student visa

12th March 2021

A visa is essentially a permit for international students to study and live in the UK. This largely…
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Erasmus blog 4

The Turing Scheme - How is it different from the Erasmus Program?

15th February 2021

The UK will no longer be taking part in the Europe-wide Erasmus+ scheme. Following the UK’s departure from…
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look at christmas

Christmas traditions around the world

23rd December 2020

Christmas is a large event celebrated by many people across the world but how does different places around…
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England National Lockdown

4th November 2020

As you may know, the English government has announced a national lockdown from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December 2020. At Collegiate…
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international student finance guide

The International Student Finance Guide

13th September 2019

If you have come to the UK to study from overseas, then the likelihood is that your finances…
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school area for students

How to make the most of your university open day

11th October 2016

University open days are held throughout the year, particularly in the run up to the January UCAS deadline.…
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students walking together

87% of UK university applicants in favour of international students

21st July 2015

With the rise of the internet and the availability of mass international transportation options, the world has become…
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student room

Healthcare in the UK

1st January 2015

While you’re living and studying in the UK, where can you get help if you don’t feel well?
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