A New Year and new term at uni are the perfect time to think about making some changes. And whether you want to study harder, get fitter or learn a new skill, Collegiate provides the perfect place to do so.

1. Get fit

Residents who have a gym in their Collegiate property have everything they need to get fit and toned in 2016. Work out any time of day or night to suit your routine. Fit exercise around your studies and build it in as a regular part of your schedule. Soon you’ll be flexing those pecs or enjoying the feeling of your stamina increasing as you pick up the pace on the treadmill. Whatever your fitness goals, they will be far easier to achieve with an in-house gym available to you!

2. Learn a new skill

Why not use the New Year as your opportunity to learn a new skill? With a private kitchen at your disposal, you could try your hand at baking, or perhaps join together with fellow residents to find something that you can all work on together in your common room or club lounge.

3. Hit the books

Of course, resolving to study harder is a great way to start the New Year when you’re at uni and at Collegiate you’re perfectly equipped to do so. As well as a dedicated study area in your apartment, many properties also include workrooms or reading rooms, providing you with flexible spaces to ensure that you give your qualification the commitment that it deserves during 2016. Whether you’re revising for exams or working on your best essay yet, make the most of the facilities available to you in order to be the best that you can be.

4. Discover new places

Collegiate’s properties all enjoy great locations that are perfect for accessing city life. Have you discovered every nook and cranny of your uni city yet? Or are there tiny cafés, boutique bakeries and fabulous independent shops still waiting for you to discover them? Make a point of exploring your city further to find out.

5. Save some money

And finally, why not resolve to save a bit of cash as the New Year gets underway? Opt for a cuppa in the common room or a catch up in the club lounge instead of heading out to a pricey café. Or save on cinema costs by enjoying a film night without the hassle of going out, if your property has an in-house cinema room. And if your property has a private dining room, why not get together with friends and serve up a delectable feast, instead of heading out to a restaurant?

Whatever your resolutions may be this New Year, you have a better chance of achieving them with Collegiate!

For more information, email tenants@collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 250 140.