For many soon-to-be students and their parents or guardians, safety is the most important factor to consider when choosing where to study in the UK. Luckily in this country, we have  a trusty reputation for providing students with lots of secure places to study. So, in today’s blog, we have put together a guide, packed with resources, on some of the safest places to study in the UK. 

What Makes A Place ‘Safe To Study’?

A safe environment doesn’t only cover your personal safety, or whether your belongings are kept secure. We think safety also extends to whether a place is diverse and inclusive enough for you to be your true self. Finding an environment that ticks all these boxes will not only facilitate your academic studies but will also allow you to make the most out of your social life and personal growth.

The Safest Places to Study in the UK


As a small but sophisticated city located in the North West, Chester is a great student hub with all its nightlife, libraries, restaurants, and affordable housing based across one walkable distance.  

Waving its 2024 purple flag status of safety, diversity and inclusivity, Chester has been consistently rated as one of the safest cities in the UK. The University of Chester has also recently invested in many student wellbeing initiatives that include increasing CCTV and streetlighting throughout the city, launching the student safety app Hollie Guard and partnering with local businesses that are able to provide students a safe place to seek help.  


Quaint, friendly, and safe for solo travelers, Cambridge was given a high safety rating of 4.5 out of 5 by the Travel Ladies. As a highly pedestrianised city, the main cause of crime in 2023 was indeed bike theft. However, once you have invested in a secure bike lock, Cambridge’s peaceful surroundings make the city a secure place to study, picnic, and punt.  

Home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Cambridge offers an extensive student-run welfare network. In fact, Cambridge University is unique in offering buddying systems and assigned ‘college parents’ that help students feel secure and settled sooner.   


With a small student population of 9000 that includes 1000 international students, Winchester makes for a surprisingly diverse community. Having low crime rates, Winchester’s safety levels rank 9th in the UK by the Complete University Guide’s index. With widely available and reliable public transport, both Winchester’s campus and city life is there for the taking.  



Known as a ‘soft city’ based in South West Wales, Cardiff has a great balance of both the city and campus feel. With 24/7 buses, regular trains and accessible Ubers, Cardiff is an easy city to maneuver around. With a bustling city center that’s home to 7,000 international students from Cardiff University alone, the city is built on diversity.  

Cardiff University also has one of the biggest student unions in the UK. Cardiff’s SU allows entry to all students from any university and has brought a real community feel to student life in Cardiff. Likewise, the university also boasts one of the best mental health initiatives across UK universities, providing students with mentors, personal tutors, access to one-on-one support, workshops and much more. 


Known unofficially as the LGBTQIA+ capital of the UK, Brighton has a long-established reputation for being a progressive city. The world famous Brighton Pride is a must-do event that inspires diversity, safety, and inclusion across the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Furthermore, Brighton’s pebble beaches and renowned fish and chip shops have made the city a tourist hotspot. Both Brighton’s public transport and nightlife scenes are often busy with visitors and locals, providing a continuous sense of security.  

Cheltenham & Gloucester

Situated between the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire has been crowned among the top 20 safest counties in England. As a student hub, Cheltenham is also the safest major town in Gloucestershire. Known for its historic architecture and stunning sights, Gloucester and Cheltenham are historically protected places that make for picturesque, safe, and peaceful environments to study in.  

What’s more, in 2023, the University of Gloucestershire was ranked in the UK top 20 universities by the Whatuni Student Choice Awards for their variety of student support services. 

Staying Safe With Collegiate UK

Being safe isn’t always down to the location of your university. Making sure to lock your doors and close your windows when you’re out, travel in groups and keep emergency contacts to hand, are all key to staying safe when away from home.  

Some recommended resources to use when mapping the safety of your chosen location are:  

  • The Complete University Guide Safety Index – for UK crime rate statistics 
  • Travel Ladies Safety Index – for personal reviews and experiences about safety and public transport 
  • University Websites – for information on student support services 
  • Social Media – for YouTube Blogs and TikTok videos to gain insight into personal experiences 
  • TripAdvisor – for reviews on safety and places to avoid 

At Collegiate UK, our ethos is to foster an inclusive and diverse community where all our students can feel safe and secure in themselves. In addition, our purpose-built student accommodation comes with security handbook guidance, 24-hour security personnel and fully trained student support teams.  

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