If you’re an overseas student who has chosen to come to the UK to study, or a UK student who has stayed here for higher education rather than going abroad, then well done! You’ve chosen to study in the country that is officially Europe’s best place when it comes to getting your degree.

The latest Times Higher Education ranking has examined 200 universities in total, spread across Europe, and found that a quarter of the best institutions to study at are located in the UK. Oxford and Cambridge took the first and second places, while Imperial College London took third place.

University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Edinburgh and King’s College London were also in the top ten, meaning that the UK accounts for an impressive seven of Europe’s top 10 universities.

Here at Collegiate we believe that a country with outstanding universities should have student accommodation to match. That’s why we provide three fantastic student accommodation sites in London and three fabulous Edinburgh student accommodation options. From on-site laundry rooms that email you when your washing is ready, to secure electronic entry for each apartment, we’ve taken care of every last detail to ensure that your student accommodation in the UK is safe, comfortable and beautifully designed.

Features vary from site to site, but we always try to include something extra special to ensure that you get the most from your university years. At Buccleuch Street in Edinburgh, for example, we’ve included an on-site gym, cinema room and study room.

All Collegiate properties are also ideally located for enjoying the city around you, so that you can benefit from the cultural attractions, retail therapy and local events on offer, as well as from attending some of Europe’s top universities.

For more information, email tenants@collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 833 642.