If you’re spending part or all of Christmas at your Collegiate home, we have some great ideas to keep you entertained. From homemade decorations to Secret Santa, who knew staying at uni over the festive period could be such fun?!

Deck the Halls

As with all trends, Christmas decoration styles come and go out of fashion.  Although there is still an abundance of glitter this season, the resurgence of the traditional decoration is here.  One of those making an elegant comeback is the humble paper chain. Full of vintage charm and easy to make, you can decorate your apartment and building with these fun and simple chains. You can buy them in ready-to-make sets or easily customize your own with some bright paper and a touch of glue.

Alternatively, take a walk in the local countryside and gather some of nature’s natural treasures.  Pine cones and ferns make beautiful decorations, just sprinkle them with glitter, add a touch of red ribbon and you’ll have a bespoke decoration to make you the envy of your friends.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Who said Christmas trees have to be actual trees?  Channel your creativity and design your own version of a Christmas tree.  What do we mean?  Hang baubles from interestingly sculptured coat hangers or pile together some old books at angles to create the shape of a tree.  Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive you just have to think outside the box. These ideas have proven popular with the hottest interior designers who seek to create decorative spaces which reflect the essence of their owner.

Just Go Crazy

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas jumper and my goodness the high streets are just bursting at the seams (no pun intended!) with them. From the cheesy to the completely insane, if you can’t wear an outrageous jumper at Christmas when can you? Hold a competition on who can find the most bizarre.

Get the tissues ready!

One of the perks of your Collegiate home is that many of our sites have cinema rooms.  With a wealth of Christmas movies from the iconic ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ and ‘Elf’ to the ever so wrong ‘Bad Santa’ and (is it really a Christmas film?) ‘Die Hard’, you will never run out of things to watch.

Grab your friends, some festive treats and add a sprinkling of fairy lights and you’re ready for a Christmas Movie Marathon like no other. According to a recent Time Out article these are our favourite Top 10 Christmas Movies of all time, are they yours?

1 – It’s a Wonderful Life
2 – Elf
3 – Bad Santa
4 – Gremlins
5 – Home Alone
6 – Edward Scissorhands
7 – The Snowman
8 – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
9 – A Charlie Brown Christmas
10 – Batman Returns

Secret Santa

Christmas is about giving and Secret Santa is the perfect way to show you care this Christmas.  Set a budget amongst your friends (usually around £20), place all your names in a (Santa!) hat and pick one out at random. This is the person you have to buy a gift for within your agreed budget. Again it’s about being creative, having some fun and sharing the season with people that matter.


We’ve decorated, been entertained and shared gifts, I don’t know about you but now I’m ready for some food.

No one should eat alone at Christmas. Discover which residents are staying at your Collegiate apartments over the festive season and together create a delicious menu.  Split the cooking of the meal between you, then come together to share your Collegiate Christmas feast.