With the rise of the internet and the availability of mass international transportation options, the world has become a great deal smaller than once it was. Those leaving university arrive in a global marketplace where talented individuals from around the world compete for the top jobs. Now, a new survey has found that students from the UK value living in harmony with those from overseas in order to better prepare them for the global environment that they will face when they leave.

According to a poll of 500 UCAS applicants to higher education by YouthSight, 87% felt that international students would help to give them a better world view. 85% believed that international students would be helpful in preparing them to work in a global environment.

“Today’s students see themselves as tomorrow’s global citizens,” comments Nick Hillman, director of the Higher Education Policy Institute, which commissioned the survey.

“Living side by side with other cultures is an important part of university education these days,” adds Collegiate CEO Eri Cuanalo. “The global teaching environment prepares them for the global working environment.”

It’s an issue that our residents are well aware of here at Collegiate. The mix of domestic and international students who fill our properties creates a unique environment that brings together a range of nationalities from across the globe. From sharing the secrets of their cuisines to discussing the finer points of internationally renowned literature, our residents bring with them an exciting blend of cultures.

Linda Cowan, managing director of Kaplan International Colleges, which jointly commissioned the study alongside the Higher Education Policy Institute, highlights the survey’s evidence that students from the UK “already anticipate benefits of studying alongside students from other countries”.

Quite simply, university life is enriched by international students, who make up an important part of life on campus. Before the pressures of making and maintaining relationships that span international borders in the business world arise, students benefit from the chance to build strong cross-border friendships through their university education.

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