The World Cup is one of the highlights of the sporting calendar. Ah, the hope. Oh, the expectation. Oooh, the skulking back through Manchester Airport hoping nobody noticed.   But enough of England.  For footie fans rooting for survivors in the group stages,  why not come and catch the action at Collegiate’s in-house cinema?  Organise a get together with your friends, bring some snacks and settle down to see if mighty Costa Rica make it through to the finals.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little gloomy about England’s less than glorious efforts, why not cheer yourself up and organise a DIY World Cup party in one of our common rooms – and with our hints and tips your party is sure to score in a way our home grown heroes can only dream of.

Set a colour scheme of the traditional yellow, blue and green of the Brazil flag, or try the vibrant reds, purples and oranges associated with Latin American culture.  Palm trees are not easy to come by on the streets of Britain, but bring in some carnival style with snazzy bunting, Brazilian flags, exotic feathers, tropical fruit and brightly coloured plants and flowers.

And if you’re feeling adventurous why not try your hand at cooking up some traditional Brazilian dishes:  See the Latin Kitchen for ideas like x-Tudo Burger, a towering sandwich of flavour and texture, or Sorvete de Pacoca com Banana Frita e Calda De Chocolate (or ice cream with fried bananas and chocolate sauce to you and me).

Or if you’re looking for something just to heat up, why not try one of the World Cup themed pizzas such as Goodfellas Nacho Pizza with its topping of jalapenos, cream cheese and nachos.  Or visit trusty old Marks and Spencer for party food which is ready to serve, such as the Ancho Chilli Chicken Wings, which have plenty of kick to them (even if England don’t…sorry, we’ll stop now.

And don’t forget the drinks – England fans will be in need of one (ok, last one, I promise!).  Try a freshly mixed Caipirinhas, similar to Mojitos. It’s made from a Brazilian liquor called Cachaca which can be ordered online if you can’t find it locally.

To make a cocktail prepare:  1 lime quartered, 2 tsp caster sugar and 2oz of Cachaca and ice.  Chin chin!