As thousands of students prepare to start their UK university life, many of you are no doubt wondering what uni life is really like. Will it meet your expectations? Will you settle in quickly? Will you feel homesick? How will the study differ from your schoolwork?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for some insights into what life at uni is really all about.

The university experience

Uni is about more than just studying. Obviously that is the core part and the reason that you are going, but there is a whole lifestyle that goes with the university experience and it provides a wonderful opportunity to grow and discover who you want to be.

Moving out of the family home and living independently at uni is a huge step. You’ll have to cook for yourself, clean your home, do your own laundry, manage your finances and plan your time so that you can fit everything you want to do into the week, from uni work and sporting activities to social engagements.

This might sound like a lot of responsibility, so don’t worry if you need some help as you get to grips with it all. At Collegiate we offer lifestyle services to help with your cleaning and help you get your apartment set up so that you have everything you need to hand.

Managing your money

Budgeting will become natural fairly quickly, but it’s best to be cautious about how much you’re spending as you get used to fending for yourself. With student accommodation like Jesmond Apartments in Newcastle it’s certainly easier to get used to managing your money. Electricity, water and internet bills are all included in your rent, so there’s less juggling of unexpected expenses. You can also enjoy the facilities like the on-site gym and cinema without having to fork out for a gym membership or cinema trip in addition to your rent.

Planning your time and focusing on your studies

Making friends, discovering your new city and enjoying an active social life are all key parts of the university experience. Of course you also have to fit in your uni work, which is why we provide a large desk for every resident in each Collegiate apartment. Properties like 800 Bristol Road in Birmingham also feature dedicated on-site study rooms that give you space to study with friends.

You won’t have teachers badgering you to hand in homework at uni like you did at school, so managing your time and fitting in your studies is your responsibility. It comes naturally to some students and less naturally to others, but it won’t take long before you’ve found a routine that works for you and means you can fit everything in. Just make sure to allow yourself plenty of downtime too – another reason to choose a home where you have great facilities for relaxation as well as a serene and spacious apartment to enjoy!

Making friends

Making friends at uni is something that many first year students worry about, but remember that you’ll be surrounded by people on your course who share the same interests as you – that’s why they’ve chosen to study your subject!

At Collegiate we also help you settle in and make friends by organising social events and having a friendly management team on site to provide a welcoming environment. You’ll settle in much faster than you think!

Have fun!

Above all, make sure you have fun as you settle into life as a fresher. It’s an exciting experience and once you’ve got over those early nerves and begin to make friends there’ll be no looking back!

If you haven’t booked your uni accommodation yet, check out Collegiate’s student accommodation around the UK while there’s still time!

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