As the current heatwave sweeps across the nation, students across the UK can be forgiven for having one eye on the summer while drawing their studies to a successful close.

You may well be one of the lucky ones who are done and dusted already, with dissertations handed in and a huge break to look forward to, but there will be a few who still have exams and coursework to contend with.

Either way a superb summer awaits you, but just what does this mean to students across the nation?

Student Guide to Summer 2017

After an academic year in which the Collegiate blog has built up a reputation for addressing a range of advisory topics including revision tips, student housing advice and tourism ideas, we decided it’s only right that we help you draw your studies to a close with something a little more fun.

The summer holidays are just around the corner and after the best part of a year stuck in seminars, textbooks and revision sessions, you deserve to unwind with the best summer activities the world has to offer. So, what are your options once the textbooks are safely stowed away for the summer?

Take Advantage of a Student Holiday

There are all sorts of options available for students when it comes to holidays away with your friends and this can be the perfect way to relax after a long, hard semester. You may want to go with your friends from university, or your family back home, but either way you can guarantee yourself some summer sun by heading to the Mediterranean, Dubai or even the Caribbean for nothing other than sea, sand and relaxation.

LoveHolidays, LastMinute and StudentFlights all have up to date information on the latest deals available just for students, so why not get your crew together and see what exotic location you can jet off to this summer to forget about it all?

Summer In The UK

If you would rather spend your summer right here in the UK, then there are all sorts you can get up to, especially with the weather being hotter than many European destinations at present.

There are of course all sorts of music festivals here in Blighty, all with excellent reputations and bringing in bigger crowds than those you will find in the likes of Spain and Croatia. If you are only just looking you have missed the boat when it comes to Glastonbury, but why not check out these other great UK festivals?

A music festival can be the best way to get that holiday feeling without having to venture too far from home and with the eclectic line-ups, great weather and other added extras, we reckon it is just as good as a holiday.

Get a Competitive Edge

If you already have one eye on your future career, then you could take the academic approach to your summer and get a relevant internship or work experience.

Although you thoroughly deserve a break after a long period of work, and we recommend you take at least a few weeks off, this can be the perfect way to boost your CV and get a competitive edge over others who will be applying for jobs after your degree has concluded.

Similarly, there are  other extra-curricular activities you can engage in if you are wondering what to do in summer this year, from volunteering and the aforementioned internships to extra studies and additional courses. There are always extra things you can do to bolster your knowledge and ensure you return to university ahead of the game.

Get The Balance Right

In conclusion, the team here at Collegiate urge you to get the balance right this summer and endeavour to enjoy the best bits of all the activities we have mentioned. It is of course important to relax and spend quality time with your friends and family but you can also make some great inroads into your course by spending at least some of your time off constructively.

Ultimately, you should use your summer to enjoy yourself and the likelihood is that you will find many aspects of your course enjoyable, but remember that there is also a big wide world out there ready to be explored. Your 12-week break could be the perfect time to do just that before the start of another rigorous academic year.