The last Sunday in October is the official end of British Summer Time, thus giving us slightly lighter mornings but darker evenings.

On the plus side, as the clocks go back, you will get an extra hour in bed!

When do the clocks change?

2am on Sunday 26th October but you don’t have to stay up until 2am, you can change them before you go to sleep on Saturday night or in the morning. Handily mobile phones, tablets and computers connected to the internet should all change automatically so you don’t need to worry about changing those too.

Things to Remember

  • Battery and electric powered clocks will need changing manually.
  • The evenings will be a lot darker, just something to be aware of when returning home from lectures. Be seen, be safe.
  • We are now in winter and it is going to get cold so make sure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

So instead of shivering, why not celebrate the start of winter with our pick of the top 5 quirky, student worthy clocks:

Shake n Wake Alarm Clock  £18.00

Do you have trouble of waking up in the morning?  Are you the person who constantly clicks the snooze button?  This alarm clock is totally brilliant as it shakes you awake, and what’s more it is silent so you won’t wake up your fellow students.

Book Clock £20.99

The book clock will add colourful style to your bookshelf whilst blending into its surroundings.

Flip Clock £24.95

Add a touch of retro chic to your Collegiate apartment with the Flip Clock, it’s classic versatile design makes it a must for any student room.

Click Clock Small Walnut LED Alarm Clock £25.00

Love stylish gadgets?  This is the clock for you!  Its innovative design means its no ordinary alarm clock.  Click your fingers and it will tell you the time, date and temperature.  It is sound activated so you won’t have any annoying light shining whilst you’re asleep.

The Clocky Alarm Clock  £27.99

This clock is for those who like a bit of fun in their gadgets. If you hit snooze, Clocky your pesky clock pet, will jump off your bedside table and wheel around your room whilst beeping!  Enjoy a game of chase in the morning? This clock is perfect for you.

Remember the date – Sunday 26th October and put your clock back!