If you think you might not have done as well in your A-Levels as you hoped, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Clearing process in advance of results day. Even if you think you aced your exams, it’s worth having an understanding of Clearing, just in case.

Clearing allows students who didn’t get the results they were hoping for to find a suitable university course. Read the Collegiate step-by-step guide to Clearing to ensure you have the knowledge you need to find the course you want.

Clearing – the step by step guide

You can use Clearing to find courses with vacancies. Then it’s time to discuss the course directly with the college or university that provides it. If they’re happy to offer you a place, you can accept it online.

1. Check your status in Track. If it says ‘Clearing has started’ or ‘You are in Clearing’ then you’re in Clearing.

2. Use the UCAS search tool to look at courses that are available. Vacancies are updated regularly, so keep checking back if you’re looking for something specific. You could also consider studying a different subject.

3. Speak to the universities and colleges that you are interested in. If you give them your Clearing number and Personal ID number, they will be able to see your Track application online.

4. Gather informal offers over the phone and decide which one you want to accept.

5. Add details in Track of the offer that you wish to accept, using the details that you were given on the phone. This counts as your acceptance of the offer, so be sure you are certain before entering the details.

6. The college or university will then confirm the offer and you will receive a confirmation letter through Track.

And that’s it! Many students feel panicked by Clearing, but it’s actually a simple process, so just keep your cool and work through the process until you’ve found the perfect course.

Clearing – next steps

Once your course is confirmed, the next step is to find your student accommodation. Most universities require students to apply for their accommodation before A-Level results day, but that doesn’t mean that those who go through Clearing are forced to live in terrible properties. In fact, the rise of new student accommodation developments like Ernest Place in Durham means that students going through Clearing have more choice than ever before.

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