Internships offer an excellent way for students to gain relevant, on the job experience and make their CVs look more impressive while they are still at uni. They can make a real difference to job prospects once your degree is complete, as employers may well be inclined to favour those graduates with experience of the world of work over those with no experience. For that reason, we’ve put together this essential guide to internships to ensure you have the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about whether or not an internship is right for you.

What is an internship?

An internship is a temporary role with a company that allows you to learn while you work. The position allows you to gain experience in a real working environment, picking up skills related to the field in which you would like to work.

Are internships paid?

Some internships are paid and others are not. Some unpaid internships will cover expenses like travel and lunch, while others won’t, so it’s really important to check the details before you accept an internship.

How do I find an internship?

Start online if you are looking for an internship. Websites like and allow you to view opportunities based on your region and interests. There are plenty more services online that connect students with interships and you can also speak to your university about connections they may have with businesses in the local community that might be looking for interns over the summer holidays.

What are the advantages of becoming an intern?

Working as an intern has numerous advantages. It can get you used to working in an office environment, give you a taster of the career that you intend to pursue and provide you with skills and experience that will position you ahead of your fellow students when it comes to finding a job after you graduate. Internships can also help you to make contacts within the sector you plan to work in, which is never a bad thing to have!

What does the company gain?

For companies, internships are a way for them to source committed, enthusiastic workers and to get a taster of the talent that will be added to the job pool once that cohort of students graduates. Internships allow companies to try out workers on a temporary basis, in a cost effective manner and with no requirement to commit to a permanent or full-time role. They also allow companies to snap up in advance those graduates who show particular brilliance in a given sector.

Where will I live while I’m an intern?

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