Once upon a time, not that long ago, student life used to be about squalid bedsits, unhealthy, unappetising meals and a general sense of grubbiness. Fast-forward a few decades and the entire student lifestyle has changed beyond recognition. Instead of downgrading their accommodation expectations after flying the family nest, students can now look forward to a serious upgrade.

Take the Collegiate living experience, where you can enjoy a luxury apartment and stand-out social spaces as standard. At our Plummer House Newcastle student accommodation, for example, that means an on-site cinema, private gym, club lounge and bar for the exclusive use of residents and a games area. There’s also a plush study room and even a cool room for keeping your delivery groceries at optimum temperature until you arrive back from lectures to collect them.

As well as luxurious surroundings, the Collegiate lifestyle has been designed to minimise your life admin, leaving you with more free time. All utility bills are included in the cost of your apartment, so you don’t have to deal with setting up accounts and paying several different bills each month. We also include Wi-Fi and insurance, so that you have less to organise and can instead devote your time to studying and enjoying the uni lifestyle to the max.

We also give you peace of mind by providing an on-site management team, who are available to help you with any issues that arise, as well as to take care of practical tasks like booking taxis and signing for your parcels. Our managers are a fun-loving bunch, so they’ll also be proactive in arranging events for you and your fellow residents to enjoy throughout the year.

Student accommodation like this was beyond the wildest dreams of your parents when they were at uni, but an increasing number of UK cities are offering the Collegiate student living experience.

Check out our student accommodation around the UK today for more details of how to achieve a glamorous student lifestyle. Book now to avoid disappointment!

For further details, email tenants@collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 833 642.