and Save the Student have revealed that almost 20% of students are battling with a broadband connection that doesn’t meet their needs in their UK student accommodation.

Internet connectivity has become increasingly important for students over the past 10-15 years, just as it has in the workplace and the home. From downloading lecture slides to backing up your dissertation in the cloud, a decent internet connection has never been more important in terms of studying for your degree.

Even simply reading online resources was beyond the reach of some of those surveyed. Extrapolated out, the survey indicates that there could be as many as 345,000 students across the UK whose broadband is insufficient to enable them to study to the best of their ability.

At Collegiate we install superfast Wi-Fi and broadband in every single one of our student apartment buildings, because we appreciate how important a decent internet connection is when studying. Of course it’s also important for watching Netflix, chatting on Skype and myriad other daily uses, which is why we provide it to our residents at no extra cost – it’s all included in the price of the apartment.

Nor do we limit broadband to our resident’s rooms. Take our Woodside House student accommodation in Glasgow. Residents can choose to study at the private desk areas in their apartments, or else hit the books in company in one of the building’s various study rooms. All provide superfast internet access to make getting online while studying a breeze.

But we don’t stop there. From the TV snugs to the dinner party room to the stunning glass-walled Sky Lounge with its views out over Glasgow, residents can get online wherever and whenever they want. Ideal for posting the amazing views on Instagram, sharing pics of your fabulous home and social life on Facebook and contributing to the Woodside House Facebook page!

We firmly believe that every student needs to be able to access the internet swiftly and efficiently, day and night. If that sounds sensible to you, then check out our UK student accommodation to find out more about living in a Collegiate property!

Email or call 01235 833 642 for further details on how to get the broadband you deserve.