With end of year exams on the horizon at universities across the UK, students are hitting the books harder than ever in order to cram their brains full of essential knowledge. Exams can be stressful and, with that in mind, Collegiate has provided some top tips for maximising your effectiveness when it comes to revising and sitting exams.

CEO Eri Cuanalo advises,

“There are some quick wins that you can do to help with preparing for exams. Each person is different, so be sure to find the right combination of tips that work for you. For some people, caffeine-based drinks helps them to feel alert and revise with more enthusiasm, but others find that caffeine interferes with their concentration. No two students are alike, so keep that in mind and find the revision pattern and tricks that work best for you.”

Get the best from your accommodation

One thing that helps almost everyone to revise is peace and quiet. Collegiate has intentionally located its properties close to the universities that its residents attend, meaning that access to the books and quiet of university libraries is swift and easy, helping students to find a study place that suits them. Individual rooms have also been designed with study space in mind, which is why every Collegiate apartment contains a dedicated workspace, to allow residents to hit the books in peace.

Study in a group

Studying in pairs or small groups can also prove very effective for many people. Quick fire question and answer sessions can help to affirm your knowledge and give you more confidence in how much you have managed to learn. They can also serve to highlight any gaps in your learning, which might benefit from further revision. To facilitate studying with peers in this way, Collegiate has provided a variety of workrooms, reading rooms and common rooms within its properties.

Eat well

“Regular meals and snacks help with concentration,” adds Eri. “So we encourage residents to make use of their kitchen facilities in order to eat well in the run up to exam time, as well as the morning of the big day(s). Healthy, filling meals and super-foods known to boost brain power can make a big difference when it comes to the level of focus that can be achieved during revision, so don’t underestimate how important diet is at exam time!”

Take a break

Relaxation is also essential. While the temptation to study 24/7 can be strong, taking a break can actually help to calm the mind and allow more knowledge to be absorbed when you return to the books. From a bite to eat with friends to a night out (we don’t recommend this on the night before an exam!), down time is a key part of a healthy approach to studying effectively.

Whatever your approach, having a peaceful, private space to relax and collect your thoughts the morning of an exam is important, so be sure to appreciate your Collegiate room as you count down the time until you will be turning that paper over. And once the exam is finished, you can enjoy returning to your room and celebrating a job well done!

For more information on Collegiate student accommodation, visit www.collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 833 642.