There was a time when student accommodation was limited to term time only, but our awesome properties across the UK are changing that for the better. We are now offering summer lets in 11 Collegiate properties, spread across six of the UK’s leading cities: London, Cardiff, Exeter, Leeds, and Edinburgh.

Summer lets can allow those already living in our properties to extend their stay over the summer months, enjoying the best that their university city has to offer. Staying on in your room over the summer means you can avoid the upheaval of returning to your parents for a few months and then having to come all the way back for the following academic year. Instead, you can find a summer job or internship or simply relax and delight in your uni home prior to the start of the new term.

Or why not stay in a different city this summer? With properties in some of the best UK cities, you can enjoy our high quality homes while discovering more of the country and making your summer break count.

Don’t worry though if you are not already one of our residents – we also welcome students who don’t currently live with us to enjoy Collegiate over the summer period. Summer school students, access course students and others who are in need of accommodation over the summer months are most welcome, as are those looking to book for the summer and the academic year beyond.

From dining in the open air to outdoor music events, the British summertime has a lot to offer. From Frisbee games in parks to barbecue feasts packed with local produce, the summer months are perfect for enjoying the UK at its best.

Details of the properties available are included on our summer lets page.

For more information, email or call us on 01235 250 140.