University is about so much more than a degree. One of the Telegraph’s student writers recently shared her thoughts on why it is that many degree courses provide students with so much free time and it got us thinking about all of the additional skills that students have to learn these days.

Going to university means hard work in terms of achieving our degree. Attending lectures and seminars, writing essays, researching, undertaking practical work… the list goes on. But there’s also a whole load of other lessons to learn when your mind isn’t occupied with your studies.

At Collegiate, we’ve carefully designed our luxury student apartments to ensure that residents have the best possible facilities in order to learn healthy habits for later life, from food to recreation.

We provide superior kitchen facilities in every apartment in order that residents can practice their chef skills during their time away from the family home, from simple baking to the production of gourmet meals. Some properties even feature a dinner party room so that you can deliver your efforts in a truly impressive setting.

Many of our properties also include a private gym, enabling residents to incorporate fitness activities into their weekly routine. Keeping in shape is one of the most important things you can do for your health over the course of your lifetime and the earlier you get into the habit, the longer it is likely to stay with you.

We also seek to inspire students’ creativity as part of our accommodation. That’s why we look to include added extras like club lounges and cinema rooms wherever we can fit them in possible. From music to film, lifelong passions can be nurtured during your university years, ready to add pleasure to your life for years upon years as you head out into the world beyond.

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