Whether you’ve lived in the UK your whole life or only been studying here for a few months, chances are that there’s a lot of this wonderful island that you’ve yet to see. The university summer break provides the perfect opportunity to explore more of the UK and with Collegiate’s convenient summer lets you can have an ultra stylish property to use as the perfect base.

Visiting favourite coastal spots is a great way to see the country. From the surf and golden sands of Cornwall to the beautiful, unspoilt beaches of the Shetland Islands, the UK’s coastline provides something for everyone. Whether you want to barbecue on a shingle beach, sunbath on soft sand or take to the waters and sail or surf, the perfect beach is out there waiting for you. To indulge in a truly British seaside break, be sure to build a sand castle, buy a stick of rock and eat a soft-serve ice cream with a Flake on top, the classic “99”.

Sunny days are the perfect excuse for barbecues and so be sure to fit plenty into your summer activities. From a simple burger to a steak feast, the British love to barbecue as soon as the sun comes out, so be part of this long-standing tradition and indulge in some al fresco dining. Many parks and beaches across the country welcome visitors with barbecues, though a few have restrictions so be sure to check online before you set off with your sausages.

Don’t despair if your local park isn’t barbecue friendly though – just opt for another British tradition and pack a picnic instead. Jam sandwiches, cloudy lemonade and sausage rolls are absolute essentials for a truly British lunch in the park.

Camping is an even better way to enjoy summer in the UK and an activity that you can definitely combine with both barbecues and visits to beaches. Campsites are available across the country, so just pick your preferred destination and pack your tent. Many campsites also offer accommodation in static caravans for those who prefer to have a solid roof over their heads.

If all that sounds a bit too close to nature, why not try glamping instead? From a luxury safari lodge with log fire in the Monmouthshire countryside to fully furnished bell tents in Wiltshire, glamping allows you to see the outdoors in style. Just as Collegiate’s properties provide more stylish and luxurious student living, glamping provides more stylish and luxurious campsite breaks!

Glamping is a great activity to combine with visits to UK monuments and landmarks. From Stonehenge in Wiltshire to Buckingham Palace in the heart of London, the country is packed with places of interest. Just a tour of these alone could easily fill up an entire summer.

The UK really does have something to suit every taste and budget during the summer. From treetop hotels to yachting breaks, all you need to do is book your Collegiate accommodation to use as your base and then head out to explore this fascinating country.

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