Your university education is providing you with the knowledge you need to take on the world, but it’s not just about the learning you pick up in lecture halls. As well as gaining knowledge, university life also provides you with the opportunity to learn a range of life skills, from cooking your own meals to managing your money.

Living on your own at university is a big change from life in the family home and thus presents a whole host of opportunities for learning practical skills. We believe firmly in providing a safe and secure environment through our unrivalled accommodation, so that our residents can flourish and enjoy every minute of their independence.

Safety and security are important matters and we take a range of measures to ensure them. Our properties feature CCTV in communal areas, for example, as well as the reassurance of having an on-site management team to deal with any immediate queries.

Individual properties boast different security features, which are tailored to suit their specific location. Secure electronic entry is one such example. Another is the out of hours telephone service that we provide (even our dedicated on-site managers have to sleep sometimes!).

We are proud of our commitment to the safety and security of our residents. So proud, in fact, that all of our student accommodation is accredited by ANUK (, the UK accreditation network for private rented residential accommodation.

Our developments are known for their luxurious furnishings and innovative design features, like private on-site gyms and in-house cinemas, but to us keeping our residents safe is just as important as keeping them entertained. It might not be the most headline-grabbing aspect of our accommodation, but we believe your peace of mind is well worth the effort.

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