The 5th of November is Guy Fawkes Night, otherwise known as Bonfire Night and the evening we celebrate a piece of British history.  In the year 1605 Catholics were still being persecuted, many thought that with a new King on the throne, James I, he would be more tolerant as he had a Catholic mother.  Sadly this was not the case and 13 young men decided to take a stand.

Their plan was to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the hope of killing those that were making life difficult for Catholics.  They managed to get hold of barrels of gunpowder and stored them in the cellar of the House of Lords.  As the group plotted there was concern that innocent people would get hurt, one of the group sent an anonymous letter to a friend warning him not to be at Parliament that day.  The letter found its way to the hand of the King and the plot was discovered and foiled on the 5th November 1605.  One of the group, Guy Fawkes, was found in the cellar with the gunpowder and was subsequently executed.

As a celebration of the King’s safety, fires are lit on the 5th November and now it is known as Bonfire Night. As well as a bonfire, firework displays are typically held.

With Bonfire Night being such an iconic British institution, there are sure to be many events near your Collegiate student accommodation. To save you time, we have found all the events located close to your student apartments – whether you are in London or Edinburgh there is an event for you.

Where is your nearest Bonfire?

We have a great selection for you no matter which Collegiate Apartments you are living in.


Pype Hayes Park
Vale Fireworks
Drayton Manor
Alton Towers Fireworks
Blists Hill Victorian Town Fireworks Night
Tudor Grange Park Solihull Fireworks
West Midlands Travel Club


Puxton Park
Thornbury Round Table
Trinity Centre
Bradley Stoke
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Canford Park
The Grand Pier

You can find information on all of the above events on the Visit Bristol website.


Sparks in the Park
Whitchurch Fire Station


Hopetoun House
George Watson’s Rugby Stadium
Meadowbank Annual Fireworks Display in Edinburgh
Dunfermline Fireworks Display in Pittencrieff Park
Perth’s Bonfire and Firework Display
Baxter Park and Lochee Park Fireworks Displays in Dundee
Glasgow Green Fireworks Display
Aberdeen’s Winter Festival Fireworks Night at Aberdeen Beach
Inverness Bonfire Night at Bught Park

You can find information on all of the above events on the Visit Scotland website.


Round Table Charity Fireworks


Leeds Castle

Roundhay Park
Bramley Park
East End Park
Middleton Park
Springhead Park
Woodhouse Moor
The Woods
The Mustard Pot
Fulneck Golf Club

You can find information on all of the above events on the website.


Sefton Park
Newsham Park
Sherdley Park

You can find information on all of the above events on the Visit Liverpool website.


Brockwell Park
Southwark’s Fireworks Night at Southwark Park


The Hoe


Enjoy Bonfire Night and remember bonfires and fireworks can be dangerous, so please stay safe!