Monday 21st to Sunday 28th September 2020 is National Indoor Plant Week in America and this year we have brought this to the UK in line with the International Year of Plant Health.

To play our part in this event we have collated all the best plants to have in your student home!



1. Spider Plants 

In the mist of student life you find that you are not the best at caring for plants then a Spider Plant is for you. Not only is it super easy to care for it also removes formaldehyde from the air in your room as well as targeting carbon dioxide and other toxic air impurities.

How to care for – Keep out of direct sunlight and water only when the soil dries out to keep it moist. You can also plant in any type of soil!

Price – You can get these for as little as £6 in most online shops.

2. Aloe Vera  

You may have heard of Aloe Vera before but even if you have, you may not know the health benefits it can provide. The inner part of the leaf contains a clear gel-like substance, this is great to use on burns and cuts to soothe the area, it is also a great addition to smoothies or juices to add a little more vitamin B, C, E and folic acid to your drink.

How to care for – Water deeply and keep in indirect sunlight (unless it turns brown, then move out to a more shaded area)

Price – These can range from £7 to £12 depending on size.

3. Lavender

Lavender has a very pleasent aroma which most enjoy. It is most well known for its stress-relieveing benefits, in particular its ability to help you sleep which makes it the perfect plant addition to any student bedroom. It has also been known to help relieve restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

How to care for – Keep the soil well drained and ensure it gets a lot of sunlight. Wait till the soil is nearly dry and then do a deep water.

Price – These are slightly more expensive at around £10 a plant but they have all the health benefits to go with it.

4. Peace Lily

Peace lily’s bloom to be bright white flowers which brighten up any room no matter the size. They are also a master of absorbing many air pollutants such as ammonia, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and trichloroethane.

How to care for – They can thrive in sunny and shaded areas but prefer shaded. Keep them moist throughout the year but do not overwater.

Price – These beautiful flowers come in at around £10 per plant but you can find these at many different prices.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary, as most of you know, is a herb that is mosltly used in cooking for a full flavour. But the plant itself however has it’s own health benefits. Rosemary oil and the plant itself has a memory boosting compound which is thought to help have a mental boost when working during your student life.

How to care for – Keep in bright sunlight and water evenly in growing season (less water is needed in winter)

Price – Rosemary is super easy to find and you can get these for as little as £3!





If you are moving to university soon then we definalty suggest getting yourself a small indoor plant to decorate your room.

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