Where you live can have a huge impact on your experience of life at university. Chilly halls of residence or poky, shared apartments with a distinct lack of privacy used to be the only options. 

Luckily, today’s students have a whole wealth of beautiful homes at their fingertips. Consider Jesmond Apartments in Newcastle: each resident has their own studio apartment complete with private, en-suite bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. Even as little as five years ago, such luxurious living for UK students was unimaginable. The studio apartments are spacious and come with plenty of storage space, as well as a desk for peaceful study.

Jesmond Apartments also features study rooms for those who prefer to study in pairs or small groups, or indeed those who like to study on their own but with the company of their fellow students around them. Our brand new student accommodation in Newcastle has been designed to provide a homely, welcoming environment that promotes the opportunity for successful studying.

But life at uni isn’t just about work… which is why Jesmond Apartments also features an exciting range of relaxation options for when the day’s studying is complete. The fabulous Newcastle student accommodation includes superior lifestyle features for ensuring that residents enjoy every moment of their university experience.

There’s a cinema on site for catching the latest films in comfort and good company, plus a dinner party room for long evenings of good food and sophisticated conversation. There’s also a private gym, packed full of the latest fitness equipment, for working off all those calories consumed while munching on popcorn in the cinema or tasty desserts in the dinner party room! Residents at Jesmond Apartments are also able to kick back and relax in the common room and games room.

All of this is available just a short walk from Newcastle University and from Northumbria University, so the apartments are available to students of both. Those booking right now can also benefit from several offers, from £100 cashback for referring a friend to free storage over the summer for all of those bits and pieces you won’t need again until the autumn term.

Book your room today or contact us for further details. Do it quickly though – stand out properties like this don’t tend to be available for long!