Heading off to university is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a chance to start afresh, to discover who you are and what’s important to you and – for many students – to live independently for the first time.

If you’ve already picked the course of your dreams and the university town of your dreams, it’s time to make sure that the accommodation you choose has been perfectly crafted to give you the experience of a lifetime. After all, most people only go to uni once, so why not ensure you experience the very best when you do?

Make sure you choose a home that is welcoming and friendly, so that you can settle in and make friends quickly. At Collegiate, we provide an on-site management team to help you do just that. They can help you to find your feet in your new town and to get to know your new neighbours. They’ll even help with things like signing for your parcels and booking your taxis.

Living the dream is also about access to great features. This is why our student accommodation is superbly designed and equipped. Exclusive features such as on-site cinemas, private gyms, residents’ lounges, dinner party rooms, games rooms, and more, can be found at many of our sites to provide you with an A-list lifestyle during your uni years.

Make sure you opt for great studying facilities too. At Collegiate properties that means enjoying your own spacious desk area for private study, or fabulous study rooms for hitting the books in the company of your fellow residents.

Starting university really is your moment – make sure you make it count by opting for premium accommodation and a living experience that surpasses all others. Don’t delay – book today!

If you still haven’t booked your uni accommodation, check out Collegiate’s student accommodation around the UK before you run out of options!

For further details, email tenants@collegiate-ac.com or call 01235 833 642.