Student Volunteering Week 2016 will take place from 22-28 February. This fantastic national initiative is now in its 15th year and has grown hugely since it began, with some 86 institutions taking part.

Student Volunteering Week is your chance to join in and make a difference to the world around us. Your time at uni is not just about gaining your qualifications, but also about shaping yourself and your attitudes during that important transition between school and work.
Is the environment important to you? Are you keen to make the world a better place for the elderly? Or those around the globe who find themselves trapped in poverty? Whatever your passion, Student Volunteering Week is a great way to get involved in causes that touch your heart and find out more about how we can all work together to improve our society.

If you’re keen to get involved but aren’t sure how or where to start then head to the Student Volunteering Week website. The site is packed full of information and you can register your involvement and collaborate with others in your area who are taking part. There’s also a blog and newsletter so you can keep up to speed with what’s going on, where and why.

You can also team up with your fellow Collegiate residents in order to inspire each other to make a difference. See how many people you can get involved from your building. Every single extra person who signs up to do something good during Student Volunteering Week will be making a positive difference to the world, so don’t be shy about spreading the word and encouraging your fellow residents to take part and do their bit. Our society will be a better place as a result of your efforts!

For more information, email or call 01235 250 140.