Following the huge success of Team GB at the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer, sporting culture in the UK is alive and well. Sport has long been a part of the nation’s culture (think of England and it won’t be long before cricket comes to mind!) and this can be felt strongly at universities up and down the UK. In fact, those graduating with a degree in sports science has more than trebled over the last ten years according to the Guardian newspaper.

But you don’t have to be studying sport to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities available to you to participate in it during your time at uni. Every university provides the option to develop or pursue a passion for sport. A glance at Newcastle University, for example, shows that students can enjoy basketball, fencing, golf, shooting, exercise classes, netball, rugby, lacrosse, rowing, racquet sports, football, swimming and plenty more.

And if that’s not enough then choosing your student accommodation wisely can also help you to keep in shape in between training sessions and matches. At Jesmond Apartments in Newcastle, for example, students not only benefit from beautifully design en-suite apartments with their own kitchens, but also from a private gym packed with the latest fitness machines, available for the exclusive use of residents.

Meanwhile over in Birmingham, students at 800 Bristol Road can not only keep in shape by working out in the gym, but also benefit from their own club lounge, to dance the night away in.

The UK is recognised as the birthplace of a large number of internationally played sports, including rugby, football, cricket, tennis, golf, table tennis, hockey, snooker, badminton and baseball. This rich history is intertwined with the country’s academic offering, with sport seen as a fantastic way to make friends, socialise and enjoy the university lifestyle to the full. Every university has its own teams and inter-university competitions see members travel around the country to pit their skills against teams from other cities. Check out your university’s website now for full details of what’s on offer.

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