University open days are held throughout the year, particularly in the run up to the January UCAS deadline. Open days provide you with the chance to look around the university, get a feel for the campus environment, begin finding your feet and ask any questions you may have about your course, university life and what the local city is like.

To get the most out of your university open day, plan ahead. Think about the questions you want to ask in advance and write them down to be sure that you don’t forget during the excitement of the day. Ask as many questions as you can think of during your visit – the whole point of open days is to help you find the university that’s right for you and to get a feel for it, so don’t be shy about asking anything and everything about life on campus.

Remember to build in time to check out the city as well. Life at uni doesn’t take place solely on campus, so explore the city, check out a few cafés and restaurants and begin to familiarise yourself with the shops and leisure facilities. After all, if somewhere is going to be your home for the next three to four years, it’s a good idea to begin learning your way around as soon as possible. Reading reviews on the internet or even a travel guide to the city in advance of your visit is also a great way to orientate yourself.

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Both sites come with a friendly, on-site management team to help you settle in and to arrange regular events to keep you suitably entertained during your time at uni. Both also provide superfast Wi-Fi at no extra cost, both in communal areas and in the beautifully designed student apartments, which offer an unrivalled blend of peace, privacy and style.

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