The long (and hopefully hot) days of summer are here! And it’s a great time to enjoy all the opportunities around the country for fun, socialising or just soaking up the atmosphere. There is so much to do you are going to be spoilt for choice. Just try one (or more) of these:

1. Volunteer for the National Trust: Learn new skills, meet new people and expand your horizons by volunteering with the National Trust and work in one of their different properties around the UK. To find out more visit:

Why volunteer? Well there are so many different reasons, and everyone has their own. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Learn new skills
  • Good for your C.V.
  • Work alongside experts in their field
  • Make new friends

And you get the chance to enjoy for free some truly amazing properties!

2. Walk across England: Walk from coast to coast following the World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall, past Roman settlements and forts. There’s history every step of the way, and cosy pubs, bustling market towns and great views too. For more details go to:

3. Sit on the beach: Britain boasts some of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the world. So why not discover golden dunes, miles of coastal walks and quality fish and chips. Visit the beach nearest you and just chill by the sea, or even brave the waves and take dip! Check out:

4. Go YHA: The Youth Hostel Association offers a huge range of accommodation across the UK at very affordable prices and in some truly amazing locations. You can stay in a Castle, Lodge or even a Mansion. If you are more of an outdoors-type, why not try a Camping Barn, wooden Camping Pod or simply camp under the stars at one of the YHA’s hostel based Campsites? To find out more about the YHA or to book online go to:

5. Wild Swim: On a hot summer day, what could be more refreshing than slipping into the cool, clear waters of a secret lake? And what could be more exciting than plunging into a hidden waterfall? Rivers, lakes and waterfalls, coves, caves and beaches, are cleaner, safer and more accessible than at any time in living memory and the health benefits of a wild swim or natural dip are also now well known, so take the plunge and dip in…. to learn more go to

6. Find your perfect date: Fancy a bit of summer romance? Why not make a night out of scouting some local talent? Visit to find your nearest speed dating event and make sure you drag a friend along so you can enjoy sharing your thoughts on potential dates afterwards.

7. Run for charity: Training for a sponsored run is not only a great way to stay fit, it’s also the perfect opportunity to raise money for a worthwhile charity and get your friends to support you. Why not take part in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life, a series of 5k or 10k fundraising events, which are raising money for research to help beat all 200 types of cancer. Check out for more details about their fundraising events across the UK.

8. Go to a music festival: This should be on every students list of things to do and it’s not a surprise that you will be spoilt for choice. There are a huge number of musical events across the country to suit every taste. To find the festival that will ring your bell visit the definitive guide for UK Summer Music Festivals in 2014:

9. Take a road trip: For this to work you ideally need a car! Or better still a mate with a car. Failing that make use of public transport, but first get a 16-25 rail card for discounts of up to 1/3rd on train fares and also check student discounts on your local bus services. Who knows where you might end up? Take some camping gear with you to save money on accommodation. Alternatively, if you study in the south of England and have yet to venture far north, look up friends with student pads where you could crash for a few nights. Just be sure to return the favour!

10.  Go for a picnic in the park: Most cities can boast a park or two. To find your local park go to:, then make yourself and your friends a delicious picnic meal – if in doubt find some foodie inspiration on line (there are plenty of sites to choose from). Then gather up some rugs and cushions to make a comfortable picnic base camp where you can enjoy your feast!

11. See films for free: Here’s something you can sign up for without the need to give something back – well, you may need a rest after all that hard work during term time! offers free tickets to preview screenings of new films, so if you like going to the cinema it is worth signing up. Registration is free – you just need to fill in details of the type of film you typically enjoy. You’ll then be emailed ticket offers in your area.

12. And finally: How about learning a new language? Your University may offer summer or evening classes that will help you learn a language, study computer sciences, media studies or even mathematics. Expand your horizons while enjoying the sun…..