Ok, so it might not quite feel warm enough for sunbathing yet, but Sunday 27 March will mark the official start of British summer time, when the clocks go forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time.

Get ready to say hello to lighter evenings, perfect for socialising outdoors and eating al fresco with friends after a long, hard day at uni. Although you might still want to wear a coat for a few more weeks.

The clocks will go forward at 1 am on Sunday 27 March, making it very suddenly become 2 am. While most laptops, PCs and phones should adjust automatically, be sure to change the time on any devices you have that might not automatically update, like microwaves. Be particularly fastidious about changing the time on your alarm clock – you really don’t want to be the one student who turns up an hour late for lectures on Tuesday 29th March, while everyone else has already been studying for a full hour!

Daylight Saving Time will last until 30 October, providing plenty of lovely, long evenings for enjoying as much sunshine as possible over the course of the summer months. Each year it brings with it a spirit of hope and happiness, as the winter blues are firmly banished and Britain gears up for another summer.

Why not take the opportunity to get ready for summer this year by having a sort through your wardrobe, tackling that list of tasks you’ve been putting off and hitting the gym to make sure you’re looking your best for the warmer months? Before you know it, barbecue season will have arrived, so make sure you’ve dusted off your flipflops and brushed up on your grilling skills in order to be truly ready!

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