Uni life is all about learning. It might seem a rather obvious statement, but we’re not actually talking about the academic side of life. Well, not entirely…

Your time at uni is a chance to learn and develop a whole host of skills to take out into the big wide world with you when your studies are over. It’s why we are so passionate about including fully equipped kitchens in our Collegiate properties – we want to give you the opportunity to hone your kitchen skills should you choose to do so. Your degree will serve you well in the business world, but knowing how to instantly whip up a perfect roux or bake the ultimate chocolate fudge cake will also serve you well in your personal life.

Then there are those crossover skills, like time management. Being organised and managing your time effectively will pay dividends when it comes to your career, but will also help you to deal with matters in your personal life, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Time management is a learned skill. Some people are naturally better at it, but if that’s not you then don’t despair – even the most disorganised person can learn to apply a few simple tricks in order to improve their time management. Check these out to get you on the right track. Apply them to your uni work and see if they make a difference to how you handle things and how much free time you have left at the end of the day or week.

1. Make a list

Get organised by making a list. You don’t need to spend long on it (if you’re picturing a colour-coded chart then you are taking this concept way too far!), just note down everything you’ve got to do. Put little stars by the priorities and then crack on with doing them – there’s no time like the present!

2. Know your deadlines

From essay deadlines to exam dates, you can’t manage your time effectively without thinking about the order in which you need to do things. So know which deadline is looming first and tackle each task in plenty of time.

3. Hide from social media

Hiding from social media while you work on an urgent essay or revise for exams can make a real difference to your time management. Social media can be hugely distracting, so close your browser and put your phone out of sight until you’ve finished your task. Facebook will still be there when you’re done!

4. Give yourself a break

It’s true that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. People who are truly effective at managing their time enjoy regular breaks from their tasks, which leaves them refreshed and able to work even faster and harder once the break is over.

5. Find your spiritual home

Well, maybe not your spiritual home, but certainly the place you feel most at peace when it comes to getting your studies done. Some environments are more conducive to studying than others. It could be the desk area in your apartment, the uni library or one of Collegiate’s reading rooms or work rooms – wherever you find you study most effectively, plan to be there when it comes to completing your most intense and important tasks.

And that’s it! Five simple to implement steps that can make a big difference to the way that you manage your time. All you need to do is put them into practice and then enjoy the extra leisure time that doing so creates.

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