At Collegiate, we pride ourselves on always listening to our residents and bringing you all the information you need about study, student life and academia via our comprehensive advice centre. This summer, we have heard a lot of students asking us about the merits of studying abroad as part of their degree and whether or not this is a prudent move.

So, such is our commitment to giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about any aspect of your studies, we have compiled our five top reasons to study abroad for a year at university.
Why Should I Study Abroad?

The reason most students decide upon this as part of their degree course is, of course, life experience. Visiting a new country, engaging in a new culture and experiencing a new way of life will contribute to you as a person, and of course influence your future life and career decisions.

Your degree is clearly most important due to the doors it opens in terms of your career and the competitive edge it can give you over others applying for the same jobs when you leave university. But as you will know already, there are many other strings that university adds to your bow including the friends you make, and general life experience.

The decision to attend a university abroad gives you the opportunity to experience and embrace a new culture and language which can help to change and improve your perspective of many aspects of your life.

Whether you choose a university year abroad early in your degree, or engage in one prior to your final exams and dissertation, you are likely to come back refreshed. With a new perspective comes a more positive and energised view on your degree and options once you have completed your studies.

You’ll also get to live in a fantastic new place with an interesting new culture. If you’re moving to the UK for a year from your home country then you can stay in our fantastic accommodation located in a whole host of cities throughout the UK.

Boosting Your CV

Whichever university you have chosen for your study in the UK it will most likely have a sterling reputation and this will boost your CV fantastically for your future endeavours. However, the choice to study abroad for at least one of your academic years will enhance this even further, and give you something else to speak about to future employers.

There are excellent universities in locations such as America, Germany, Canada, Australia and a host of other nations, looking for students just like yourself, and by adding these institutions to your resume you may well be giving yourself an added edge over your competition when the time comes for you to enter the word of full time employment.

Networking Opportunities

On a similar note about enhancing your CV with these great universities studying abroad can also give you the opportunity to grow your network. Meeting new people is something that is simply priceless and may help you out in your future career.

Having a strong network here in the UK is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, however having support that extends around the globe provides you with options, such as making it easier to travel next time you venture out the country.

You will of course need to ensure that you maintain your standard of academic excellence, which will help you to make the right impression when studying abroad. However, in pursuing something a bit different and keeping one eye on expanding your international network you could really give yourself something that others don’t have as you start to climb the career ladder.

Multilingual Ability

Next in our five top reasons to study abroad, but by no means less important, is the fact that, depending on where you choose for your year away, you could improve your language skills significantly. This is something which should not be underestimated in its efficacy when applying for jobs, as it is yet another thing that could separate you from the pack.

In many industries, being bilingual can make you an invaluable member of the workforce, with languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and French being more and more important in terms of trade and simply being able to liaise with other companies and prospects.

Widen Career Opportunities

You may decide to return to the country after your studies and build a life in your new country. This is not only a great opportunity, but another option for your career. If you are struggling to find a job in your own country, you have the option to travel back and begin another job.

Knowing you have this option is a great relief and will provide you with peace of mind during the first few difficult months of job hunting.

By fine tuning these skills when studying abroad for a year at university, you could round things off nicely and ensure that these top five reasons for making such a decision leave you well ahead of the game and going into your final years of study, a rounded and more confident individual.