Keeping in shape at university may not be at the top of your agenda right now, especially as the academic year has only just started.

Finding enough time to exercise is something that many can find challenging to start with, especially if this is the first time you have lived alone, but studies have shown this can have a profound effect on your cognitive health and ability to study faster and smarter.

Aside from visiting your student fitness facilities more often, we have compiled the following tips and extra activities which could help you to improve your fitness while at university. Follow these and we think you will return home feeling healthier than ever!

Student Activities Without The Gym

We all know that the gym is the obvious choice for anyone wanting to stay fit and healthy, but this isn’t always easy. Gyms aren’t for everyone and they can actually be rather intimidating for newbies. However, if you live, or decide to live in our luxury accommodation, you will have access to our private fitness suites on-site, and will be able to exercise in the comfort of your own home. But, if you’re still not a fan of the gym, here are some other ways you can become more active.

DVDs and Online Workout Videos

Sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have revolutionised most things over the last decade or so, and none more so than fitness. Workout videos have been around for ages and are a great way to train at home on your own, without having to subject yourself to a sweaty, busy gym.
You can find loads of fitness videos on Youtube, on DVDs in supermarkets, or you can subscribe to premium websites for a monthly fee.
The likes of Shaun T are very popular these days due to training videos such as Insanity but your classic Mr Motivator, Davina McCall and even Strictly Come Dancing workout DVDs are still effective.

Take Up a New Sport

As we have covered a few times before here at Collegiate, joining a university sports team can have a range of benefits. As well as meeting new people and joining a community, this will have a positive impact on your fitness.
If you have already played sports in your spare time or at high school, then this option will be very easy. If not, why not challenge yourself and take up something new? There really is no better time than university to make such a decision. You will also be able to get involved with social events, make some new friends, and have fun!

Step Up Your Walking Efforts

People are obsessed with steps these days, so why not get on board and add this to your daily student fitness programme?

Anyone with a FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin or any other step tracker will have no doubt been sucked in by the addictiveness of competing with your friends and this can have a great impact on your fitness.
Walking is a very underrated form of exercise and if you can squeeze a few runs in alongside these, you should see your fitness levels start to improve almost immediately.

You can get good heart rate monitor apps and there are even apps that will pay you for your steps, giving you even more incentive to get out and about. Start walking to university rather than taking the bus or the car, which will benefit you in the long run.


As you can see, there are a range of activities that can help you to stay fit at university and some of these could be a lot more fun than the gym. There is no substitute of course for eating healthily and getting out and about as much as you can when you aren’t in lectures and seminars. So downloading some good fitness apps onto your phone can be a great way to keep this fairly near the top of your priority list.


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