Energy is a topic that is rarely out of the news these days, for several reasons. Whether it is the ongoing fracking debacle, the Big Six increasing their prices and letting customers down or the impact our consumption is having on the environment.

Whether we like it or not, energy use is a necessity that the world is just not equipped to deal with yet. So, until advances in technology make damaging energy sources obsolete, what can you do to help the environment?

As regular readers of Collegiate’s guides and blog will be able to tell you, we are committed to bringing you all the student and education advice we can and in our latest article, we look to offer you some free tips which could help you to dramatically save energy around your home and even in your workplace.

How To Save Energy At Home

All it really takes to save energy around your student house or even when you are back at home with your family and loved ones, is to be a little bit conscientious.

So, when you are at home relaxing or spending the day revising or perhaps getting stuck into a good box set, think about whether or not you can save some energy. Here are three great ways you can start to go green and make these changes:

Reach For Your Hoodie Or Jumper

We all like to get cosy, especially when it’s cold and grey outside and you’re perhaps feeling the effects of a heavy night out with friends. Instead of going for the thermostat to ramp up the heating, why not get cosy the old-fashioned way and put your favourite jumper or university hoodie on?

You would be surprised at just how comfortable and warm you can get with an extra jumper on. Add to this your favourite quilt or duvet and you will forget how cold you were in no time. A lot of the time, the heating can take so long to heat up your home that you don’t really notice it anyway, so why not go for a quicker option that is free of charge?

Power Off

An energy saving technique which never fails to surprise people is making sure that all your devices and appliances are turned off completely every night and not just left on standby.

This one may sound a little pedantic, but if everyone did this every day then as a country we would save a staggering £66million on domestic energy bills. It doesn’t take long to make sure everything is switched off and if you can get everyone you live with to follow suit then you will all make a difference to the environment.

Don’t Heat Empty Rooms

During the bleak winter months, heating is clearly necessary and you don’t want to be catching the chills when you need to be at your best for studying and enjoying the social side of university.

When the heating is turned on, be sure to check all the radiators in the rooms people aren’t using – maybe because they are away or on holiday. That way, if you need to turn up the thermostat then you can be sure you are only using the minimum amount of energy and whilst ensuring you are as warm as possible. It goes without saying that keeping the doors closed in the rooms you do want warmed up is a no-brainer, as this will retain the heat and stop it leaking into the unheated rooms. You also get the added benefit of going green and helping save the environment. What more could you want? Saving money and feeling good about yourself too!

Collegiate love to help the environment

Collegiate provide luxury serviced student accommodation where all bills are included. We encourage students to think about the environment, and to make small lifestyle changes that make a big difference. For more information, check out which cities we have student accommodation in.

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