With the dissertation deadline looming, students just like you, up and down the country, are tapping away at their keyboards, striving to craft the perfect document as part of that all-important final year of university.

So how can you be sure you’ve maximised the chances of your dissertation being the best that it can possibly be? Environment has a lot to do with it, explains Collegiate CEO Eri Cuanalo,

“A good environment, where you feel happy, relaxed and safe, will ensure that you have the right mind-set for study and allow you to focus on the topic at hand. It’s one of the reasons that we work so hard here at Collegiate to create a homely and comfortable environment for our residents to live in. As well as carefully designed individual rooms with study desks and chairs, we’ve found that including features like common rooms in our properties allow students to study together and to support each other throughout the dissertation process.”

Certainly, dissertation time can be stressful. For many, your dissertation will be the largest and most complex document you’ve ever written – and possibly that you’ll ever write. The research required in order to formulate and evidence your thinking is a long process and one that requires both determination and focus in order to turn it into the final document.

This determination and focus is definitely easier to achieve when you have a good home as your base, as Collegiate’s residents have been finding out. As the deadline approaches, many are enjoying being able to work on their dissertations from the dedicated desk area in their Collegiate studios, with space to have books and other materials to hand while they write not to mention Wi-Fi access for valuable researching.

Of course, being able to socialise with other residents is also a real bonus at this time of year. No matter how stressed you may be by your dissertation, a friendly chat over a quick cup of tea with a housemate can help to put everything in perspective and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to hit the books once more.

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