There’s always one person you know who misses the announcements and turns up an hour late for everything when the clocks go forward. Don’t let it be you!

This year, British Summer Time (BST) officially starts at 1 am on Sunday 29 March, when the clocks are set forward by one hour. BST signals the start of spring and, despite the hour’s sleep that the country loses out on, is a welcome sign that summer is on its way in the not-too-distant future.

Eri Cuanalo, CEO of Collegiate, comments,

“British Summer Time brings with it the promise of longer, sun-filled evenings. It means that we can start thinking about BBQs, flip flops and weekends at the beach. Of course, this being England there’s bound to be plenty of rainy weather between now and when summer properly arrives, but BST is at least the start of the country’s warmer seasons.”

This Monday 30 March there are bound to be students up and down the country who end up running late for their first lecture of the day, arriving just as their fellow students are leaving. To save your fellow residents from the embarrassment of being one of them, let all those in your Collegiate building know that the clocks go forward on Sunday 29 March.

Britain has been changing its time zone twice a year since the 1970s in order to maximise daylight during the evenings in both the summer and the winter months. Initially, in 1968, the country moved permanently to BST, but folk up north found that it was too dark all the time and so the UK moved to the current model of the clocks going forward by an hour in the spring and back by an hour in the autumn.

In true student style, make sure you are fully prepared for British Summer Time on Sunday 29 March with an extra long lie-in in the morning, to counteract the hour of lost sleep that you will be facing in the evening!

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