Exam time is almost upon us once again. As the pressure mounts, be sure to follow these top tips in order to ensure that you cope with the stress and maximise your chances of doing well.

Coping with stress – whether it’s caused by impending exam dates or something else – can be tricky. Thankfully there are some tried and tested methods that have been proven to reduce stress levels and that you can easily apply if you live in a fabulous Collegiate student apartment.

1. Eat healthily

Eating healthily is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to managing stress. When you’re up half the night studying, it’s all too easy to grab for the phone and order a pizza when hunger strikes, but using your kitchen to whip up a plateful of something nutritious is a much better idea. A balanced diet will help you to sleep better and will ensure that your brain is as alert as possible, which is essential at exam time.

If you find that you’re really too busy to cook, why not find a couple of fellow residents who are happy to take it in turns to prepare dinner? That way you can still eat nutritious food, but only have to cook every couple of days. Look online if you are short of inspiration when it comes to meal ideas – there are plenty of quick and healthy recipes available that will encourage you to try out new ideas without needing to be away from the books for too long.

Of course, if you live somewhere like Plummer House student accommodation in Newcastle, the on-site cool room makes it even easier to organise your exam-time catering arrangements.

2. Exercise

Another classic way to rid yourself of exam time stress is through exercise. Regular exercise keeps you fit and produces a lovely rush of endorphins, so you not only feel better but sleep better too.

With a private gym on site at many Collegiate locations, there’s really no excuse not to pound away a few miles on the treadmill or exercise bike in order to help yourself cope with the pressure of exams.

3. Study!

Clearly, studying helps you to cope with exams! Make sure you dedicate sufficient time to studying, but also that you study in a variety of ways to ensure the knowledge you’re revising has as much chance to sink in as possible. Varying your study locations and methods will also keep the activity interesting and thus allow you to stick at it for longer.

Why not mix up periods of solo study in your room with group study, when you can test each other’s knowledge through on-the- spot quiz questions? Be sure to use our AV-equipped study rooms to full advantage while you’re cramming information into your brain.

4. Get some fresh air

There’s nothing like a blast of fresh air to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to hit the books once more, so make sure you leave time to enjoy the great outdoors while you are studying. Greenery and watery landscapes have both been proven to have a beneficial effect on mental health, so get outside regularly and let nature dampen down your stress levels. If your property has a garden, be sure to spend some time there.

If not, head to your local park, woodland, riverside or beach in order to enjoy some fresh air as part of your stress reduction plan.

5. Relax

It might seem counter-intuitive, but be sure to build some relaxation time into your revision plans. If, like Nottingham’s student accommodation, Nova, your home has a cinema room then why not escape into a movie to take your mind off exams for a couple of hours? Why not use one of the immersive gaming booths in order to fully distract your mind from the approaching exams? Just be sure you don’t get end up spending all night gaming when you should be getting a decent night’s sleep!

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