You may be aware of an article published earlier this week in The Plymouth Herald regarding a Collegiate site, St Augustine’s House.

The article refers to the fact that some residents were told by Plymouth University to leave St Augustine’s House on Thursday 25th September 2014 because “Plymouth University had concerns about the way staff were behaving towards the new arrivals.”

As the CEO of Collegiate and having thoroughly investigated this matter, I can categorically state that Collegiate has received no complaint, nor has any other authority, about St Augustine’s House.

The reported statement quoted in The Plymouth Herald as made by the University Accommodation Office is without foundation nor due process.  Behaving in a professional and appropriate manner towards residents at every site is of the upmost priority for all Collegiate staff and had Collegiate received a complaint through any channel we would have investigated any matter immediately and resolved it.

Maintaining our solid commitment to our residents, all students affected at St Augustine’s House have been contacted regards this matter and offered full reassurance and assistance from Collegiate. Should any affected residents have any concerns then I welcome them to contact me directly.

I personally have also contacted the Head of Accommodation at Plymouth University and the Board of Governors to have this matter fully investigated and resolvedand we look forward to working with them to bring clarity and confidence back to the Accommodation Office, the University’s stakeholder partners and most importantly, our student residents.

I would also like to reinforce that the Collegiate team have successfully housed some 40,000 students, in 25 UK cities over the past decade and operated nomination or referral agreements with over 20 major UK universities.  Believing passionately about improving the student accommodation experience, I personally have also sat on the management committee that oversees student halls in the UK.

Heriberto Cuanalo
CEO, Collegiate