Leaving your home country in order to study abroad can be a daunting prospect, particularly when for many students it will also be the first time they have lived away from the family home.

Despite the natural trepidation about heading overseas to study, the UK is a popular destination for Chinese students looking to undertake their university education abroad, particularly when it comes to masters courses. During the 2013/14 academic year, a full 74% of the intake by British universities was made up of overseas students, with Chinese students accounting for 25%. Including postgraduate courses, those coming to the UK from China to study made up 37% of all non-EU entrants to UK universities in 2013/14.

Here at Collegiate we have found that those coming to the UK from overseas are delighted with our superior accommodation. Our fully equipped kitchens and fab communal facilities provide the best of both worlds, allowing residents the peace and privacy they need when they want it, alongside the opportunity to socialise with other residents when they choose to do so.

As a company that’s always looking to be the best it can be, we are also offering welcome packs and services such as airport transfers to some of its accommodation, in response to demand from students travelling from China and other overseas destinations. It’s part of our ethos of providing not just the best accommodation for students around the UK, but the best service as well.
We know the UK’s university system is admired around the world and we want to ensure that we provide accommodation that is worthy of international admiration as well. Ultimately, whether our residents are from the UK, Europe or beyond, we want them to feel happy and settled while living in stylish accommodation that meets their every need.

For more information, email tenants@collegiate-ac.com or call us on 01235 250 140.