The Rio 2016 Olympic Games launch on Friday 5 August and excitement all over the globe is building as the world’s top athletes prepare to test their speed, strength, skill and determination against one another. Tourism in Rio is booming as a result of the games, but even if you haven’t made it to Brazil to see the games, the party atmosphere can still come to you!

Those of you lucky enough to have bagged a room in a Collegiate property can enjoy the atmosphere of the games by watching together in your property’s common room, games room, lounge or cinema room. Why not decorate the room with Brazilian flags and scenes of sun-kissed beaches to really get into the spirit?

You could also kick the 2016 Olympics off in true Brazilian style by hosting your own Olympics party. Stock up on plenty of limes, soft brown sugar and Brazilian spirit cachaça to make caipirinha cocktails – simply muddle the limes and sugar with plenty of crushed ice and then pour the cachaça over to taste. Replace the cachaça with ginger beer for a perfectly refreshing virgin version.

For properties with an exclusive dinner party room, like 800 Bristol Road in Birmingham, why not prepare a Brazilian buffet for a truly immersive experience? It might not be practical to set up your own rodizio, but treats like pão de queijo (cheese bread), brigadeiros (outstandingly rich chocolate truffles), feijoada (hearty pork and bean stew) and sweet, gloopy açaí (essentially a superfood sorbet) can easily be whipped up to bring a taste of Rio into your life as the games kick off this summer.

Even if you don’t have a dinner party room, get creative and set up a street food stall area in your common room to pile high with tasty treats as you sip your caipirinha. Then sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere as the world’s greatest athletes prepare to show you what they can do.

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