Winter in the UK can be a magical time. As the evenings draw in and the Christmas markets pop up around the country, the air is alive with the promise of festive cheer. Then there’s New Year and all the hope of another January, with resolutions passed and the year begun with good intentions firmly in mind.

Then February arrives and the New Year’s resolutions slip by the wayside, while the summer months still feel like they’re some way off.

Thankfully, those living in Collegiate properties have plenty of ways to overcome the post Christmas and New Year lull. From cinema rooms to private gyms, our student accommodation has been designed to provide premium social spaces that are perfect for sharing good times. Whether your property has a common room, a club lounge or a VIP bar, winter is the time for relaxing with friends, making plans for the year ahead and enjoying the cosy, warm atmosphere of home.

Collegiate’s student apartments are also perfect for cooking up a feast of seasonal fare. From rich stews to thick, hearty soups, winter in the UK is about full flavours and full bellies. Break bread with your fellow residents in style in your private dinner party room, or share a cosy meal for two in your own apartment. Swap recipes and cooking tips with friends to see who can create the most sumptuous casserole or the lightest toad in the hole, served with lashings of thick gravy.

Of course, winter’s also about studying hard for the upcoming exams and getting that dissertation written, so be sure to enjoy your property’s study spaces as well. Reading rooms, seminar rooms and work rooms are perfect for getting together in to hit the books, as are study sessions at your own private desk area in your apartment.

And by the time you’ve worked your way through all of those activities, you might just find that it’s time for spring!

For more information about Collegiate student accommodation and on-site features, email or call 01235 250 140.