Chances are, starting university will be the first time you’ve lived on your own. It’s a huge change and one that requires a bit of preparation in terms of practical skills and in terms of your mind-set.

A great way to start is to get to know some of the people you’ll be spending the next three to four years with. At Collegiate, every property has its own Facebook page, so as soon as you’ve signed up for your awesome accommodation, you can reach out to your fellow residents and connect. That way you’ll arrive at uni with new friends already waiting to greet you.

Your choice of accommodation can also make a big difference to how quickly you settle in. All of our student properties come with friendly, on-site management teams who organise events to help you get to know your new neighbours and quickly make friends. And with a wide range of facilities on site there’s always something to do and someone to talk to.

At Jesmond Apartments student accommodation in Newcastle, for example, residents can choose to spend their time enjoying the gym, common room, games room or on-site cinema together. There are also study rooms for hitting the books and an exclusive dinner party room for evenings with a little added sophistication.

There are also practical skills to be taken care of. If you’ve never done your own washing, cooked a meal or got to grips with the vacuum, it’s time to start practising now. So whizz around the house familiarising yourself with the housework (and possibly amazing your parents in the process) so that you’re ready to live independently. Of course, if you’re not quite ready to take on the dusting just yet, you can always check out our lifestyle packs and cleaning services for some assistance with the housework while you find your feet.

An organised approach to your uni work is also essential. You’ll be free to manage your own time at uni, so you can find the balance that works best for you. If your best essays are produced by writing feverishly at 3 am then that’s fine. If you’re an early bird and prefer to grab a coffee and cake while catching up on your reading then that’s fine too. Just make sure you don’t leave it all to the last minute!

Above all, make sure you build a life with a great study/lifestyle balance, that allows you to complete your coursework, make friends, play sports and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities. It’s what uni’s all about!

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