No we’re not promoting a criminal lifestyle but we are going to talk about the TV license.

Often the last thing on a student’s mind, there are a few myths flying about that we think need to be cleared up:

1. “If I live in a multi-resident building, such as Collegiate, it is up to Collegiate to have a TV license.”  WRONG.
2. “My parents have a TV license so I can use theirs whilst I’m a student.” WRONG.
3. “I only watch TV on my laptop or mobile device so I don’t need a license.” WRONG and yet RIGHT!


Firstly let’s take the issue of a multi-residential building such as ours. To be clear, each studio or apartment does require its own TV license.

Secondly, as much as parents like to share, they cannot share their TV license.  You live on your own now so have to ensure you are covered.

So what about watching on your laptop or mobile device?

The TV Licensing website states:

You need a license when “You watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV- online, on a TV, or any device (even a laptop).”

You don’t need a license when “You don’t watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV on any device.”  In other words if you watch catch-up or TV on-demand you don’t need a TV license.

Weigh up the costs

If you can resist watching TV live then you do not have to buy a license.  Yes we know that means no voting for your favourite X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing contestant but if you prefer to watch TV live, a current colour TV license will cost you £145.50.

But for live TV lovers there is a silver lining

As you know, students have to leave Collegiate accommodation during the summer holiday months but the silver lining is that if you have bought a TV license, as a student you can claim back around £37.00 for moving out of your term-time address during vacation periods.

Decision time

Now you have all the facts, you can decide whether to buy a license or not, but, to be clear, we do not want any of our residents embarking on a life of crime so urge you to adhere to the law.

For more details on TV Licensing, check out their website.