A new deep dive into London’s education market by Google has revealed some fascinating insights into the UK capital’s popularity with students from overseas. ‘Universities in London’ was found to be the most popular generic search term made by US students in relation to international study.

The findings put London ahead of other leading university cities, including Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Singapore, Amsterdam, Rome, Dublin, Hong Kong and Oxford. Google Education Industry Head Harry Walker comments,

“No matter how we looked at it, by university brand or just generic keywords, there is no doubt that London and the United Kingdom are the biggest magnets for US students seeking to study abroad.”

Eri Cuanalo, CEO of superior student accommodation provider Collegiate, understands London’s popularity with overseas students. He comments,

“London is such a fantastic place to live that I can understand why so many students from overseas would want to study here. Not only do they have access to world-class universities, but also some of the best cultural, dining and entertainment options on the planet. London is also an excellent city in terms of job prospects for those nearing the end of their university course.”

Overall, Google’s research has shown that 15 UK universities make it into the top 30 – more than from any other country. In fact, of the top ten most searched for universities, eight are in the UK, of which five are in London.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson comments on the findings,

“Google have used their search data to prove what we’ve known for years – that US students love to come to London. It is no wonder we are the number one destination for US students studying abroad because London offers world class universities, has heritage and culture oozing from every pore and is the gateway from which to explore the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe.”

London’s position as a base from which to explore the rest of the UK and Europe is certainly a draw for overseas students. With rail connections to leading UK cities, as well as several international destinations, London provides students with an easy and affordable way to see Europe during their university days. The wealth of flights available from London is also a hit with students, for everything from long weekends to extended stays over the summer months.

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