The English proverb ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ first appeared in written form in 1659. It still holds true more than 350 years later.

In terms of the modern student, it means that those who focus solely on their studies won’t benefit from the full richness of the university lifestyle experience. Yes, studying is an extremely important part of university life, as gaining qualifications is the whole point of the experience, but it’s important to balance the time you spend working with time spent relaxing and socialising.

It is this healthy balance of hard work and fun that makes Collegiate properties so well suited to students looking to make the most of their uni years. Relaxation is essential in order to give the mind a rest and enable it to be at its best when you want to study. That’s why we’ve built in so many fantastic features to our student accommodation across the UK. From in-house cinemas to private gyms, funky games rooms to buzzing common rooms, we’ve packed our properties with social spaces to suit every taste.

We’ve balanced this with perfect places to study. Individual rooms have desk areas for those moments when you need total peace and quiet, but we also provide a range of seminar rooms, reading rooms and work rooms to enable quiet study in small groups.

Of course as well your home’s superior design helping you achieve the perfect work/life balance, there are also some tips that you can implement yourself:

1. Plan your time

The independence of life at uni means it’s up to you when you study. But that doesn’t mean that studying at any time of day or night is a good idea. It is better to fit your studies into fixed times during the day, balancing them out with relaxation time in the evenings and at weekends, much like you’ll do when you enter fulltime employment. That way you know that you will have plenty of time to study each day and also plenty of time to let your mind rest and regroup.

2. Know how to unwind

People relax in different ways. Some will unwind by curling up with a book, others by catching the latest movie and others still by hitting the treadmill in the gym. Know what works for you and make sure that you build in time to do it every week.

3. Be sociable

Talking and laughing together with your peers is an essential element of letting your brain down tools at the end of the day. Make the most of your fabulous Collegiate home by hanging out in the fantastic social spaces with your fellow residents and enjoying unwinding together.

4. Eat well

One essential element of a good work/life balance is eating well, so make the most of your kitchen and enjoy freshly prepared, nutritious meals throughout your time at uni. A healthy diet will leave you with more energy, more motivation and more focus – so you’ll be in better shape to study AND to enjoy your downtime. And of course if your building has a dinner party room then you can get together with your fellow residents to really eat well in style!

5. Share your stress

If you do start to feel stressed out by your studies, or that you can’t find the time to get everything done, don’t bottle it up. Talk to your friends, your family, your tutors or the lovely Collegiate on-site management team. We’ll soon find a way to restore your work/life balance and ensure that you don’t end up as dull as Jack!

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