Moving to university is a life-changing experience, a time to strike out on your own and discover new and exciting ideas, as well as to meet interesting new people. That being said, moving away from home for the first time can be nerve-wracking. There are many things you can do to ease the transition, but one of the quickest ways to make yourself feel more at home is to adorn your room with items and decorations that showcase your personality and inner self.

Here at Collegiate we believe university is a time to express yourself, so what better way to make yourself feel more at home, and showcase your inner you, than by decorating your room to reflect your hobbies and interests.

To help you personalise your room and make it feel just a little bit more like home, here are a few creative and crafty ways to express your character and interests. By creating an inviting space, your room might even end up becoming the epicentre of the building, where everyone comes for a quick chat and a catch-up.

1. Buy a Rug

Lay a tapestry or rug on your bed to showcase your individual style. A piece of fabric or rug is certainly unique and different, and will brighten your room with colour. Any rug will do, so have a browse through some independent shops, or even check out IKEA’s range. If you are a Game of Thrones fan a fluffy white or tan rug will pay homage to the TV series, and keep you warm at night if you happen to be moving further up North!

2. Buy some plants

From beautiful, sedate pot plants to personality-filled cacti, plants keep the air fresh and brighten the room. If you are not the most attentive person we recommend you look for plants that need very little care. Take a look here for some ideas for the best indoor plants that won’t die on you.

You could also add even more character by decorating the plant pots. Why not paint them? Or cover them in coloured paper? Or, if you enjoy pottery painting why not visit a pottery painting class with some housemates or new friends?

3. Collect some beanbags

Moving to university can be scary, especially if you are on your own and don’t know anyone. Beanbags or cushions make it easy for housemates to pop by, sit down and have a chat. Leaving your door open and making sure your room looks as welcoming as possible will also encourage people to come in.

Here at Collegiate the majority of our rooms come with bean bag sofa chairs, so you always have somewhere to sit with your friends.

4. Use washi tape

Line your shelves with washi tape, or why not frame photos on the wall with it? This coloured tape is easily removable and doesn’t leave marks, so you don’t have to worry or stress about cleaning it all up when you eventually come to move out.  It is available in many colours and patterns so why not mix and match for a quirky, surprising style? This is a great way to spend any free time and will make your room feel that much more homely.

5. Metal Tins

Have a huge growing pile of stationary this year? Get organised by adding metal tins to the front of your desk or fridge for easy stationary storage, and decorate the tins with newspaper or coloured paper. This is a must for anyone studying a humanities degree, particularly if your stationary has a habit of disappearing forever into a pen-filled abyss.

6. Temporary Wallpaper

Try using some temporary wallpaper to give your room some personality, without the worry of having to remove it when you move out, and damaging the walls. Make sure it is temporary or you may get into some trouble with your landlord later.

Chasing Paper sell a range of wallpapers, from speckled and flower patterns to chalkboard styles. Why not cover one wall in a pattern and keep the rest white, or cover it in clashing patterns for an edgy vibe?

7. Electric Jam Jar Lights

Most student accommodation bans candles, so why not get a bit creative and make some electric tealights instead? Buy a jar, lights and a battery and decorate the jar however you wish. You could also use beer and alcohol bottles, for a more alternative vibe. The soft light from the bulbs will create a calming mood for those evenings when you have to sit down and work, or when you just want to chill after a long day studying. You could even use old Christmas lights to create a patterned light effect around your room.

8. Frame Unusual Stuff

Show your quirkiness by framing newspapers, maps, or pieces of wallpaper to create a personalized, arty design. You could keep track of where you have travelled so far, or create a picture log of the countries which you would like to visit. Just make sure you use easily removable tape, so as not to leave marks, and don’t drill into the walls or you may end up paying for it when you move out!

9. Create A Rug

Create your own rug out of carpet squares, for a long term project. Patch them together with glue, or sew them together and create your own personal miniature carpet! Create a quirky design that will stay with you throughout all your university years.

So, we hope this list of creative and crafty ideas will help you to feel that much more at home, and gives you a little something to do before university starts. We wish all our students luck on starting your new academic year at university.

Our student rooms at Collegiate have everything you need to enjoy a special university experience, and we encourage you to personalise your space, so that you have a comfy, creative atmosphere to work in. Get in contact on +44 (0) 1235 833 642 to speak to us about available accommodation.